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Good Vision, Smart Employee

Our staff are all professionally trained in the correct interpretation of our agreement with you and as such you can be confident that while providing excellent clinical care, only that proportion of the cost which is agreed to be borne by the company in respect of spectacle, computer specific prescriptions, and other services will be charged to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Must Employers Do?

On accepting our offer to institute a Corporate Eyecare Benefit Scheme, employers may agree to arrange and pay for an eye examination for those employees who request one. How Often? Subsequent follow up eye tests may be provided at regular intervals – usually every 2 years. The interval is based on recommendations from the examining optometrist and may be sooner depending on individual circumstances. Additional interim eye tests may be provided and paid for at any time if an employee requests it or experiences difficulty with their sight. What Else?

Professionally we advise that employers pay for any spectacles that are required specifically for computer work in other to get the best from their employee.

Anything Further?

Yes – If an employer decides to enrol in this scheme, it is advisable that the staff be well informed on the benefit of this scheme. We can come in here through our filers and lectures.

Does The Employer Have To Pay For All Their Employees Glasses?

No, the employer may choose to pay for those that are ‘specifically for computer use’. Some employers however voluntarily choose to make a contribution to all of their staffs’ spectacles, regardless of use, as part of an employee benefits package.

Note: The Factory Act stipulates the protection of eyes of employees involved in certain processes. Therefore, for the purpose of the Act, it is the legal responsibility of the employer to provide protective goggles for such employees.

What Does Glasses ‘Specifically For Computer Use’ Mean?

These are glasses that are formulated to focus specifically at the distance that the computer is placed. The power of these spectacles will be different from any that the employee uses for other tasks.

Which Employees Need These ‘Computer Glasses’?

Generally, most employees aged around 40 and over will require glasses with separate and special power for looking at the computer. This is because as eyes age, they lose their ability to adjust their focusing for different distances. Occasionally, some younger people will also experience focusing on difficulties or fatigue and may require glasses solely for computer use.

What Type of Spectacles Are These Computer Glasses?

They look just like normal glasses – no special frame type is required. The lenses are supplied in either single vision or multifocal form.

What Are Single Vision Lenses?

These are lenses with a single power only. The same power is at the top, middle and bottom of the lens.

What Are Bifocals and Progressives Lenses? (Multifocals)

These are lenses that have more than one power in them. Progressive lenses change in power gradually, starting from the top of the lens and continuing down to the bottom. They look like normal single vision lenses. Different parts of the lens focus for different distances. The wearer adjusts the position of their head and or eyes to look through the necessary part of the lens. Bifocal lenses have two different powers: one at the top and a separate one at the bottom. The two powers are separated by a visible line.

Who Will Need Single Vision and Who Will Need Multifocals?

In general, single vision spectacles are adequate for those under 40 as they require the same power to focus at all distances. A person in this category can see perfectly for the far distance, reading and computer wearing the same lens strength. As the eyes age, however, multifocal become necessary as different lens powers are needed for different tasks. Multifocal also gives the added convenience of not having to constantly change from one pair of glasses to another, or take glasses on and off. We will supply a report following the examination, of what if anything is required.

Am I Obligated to Pay the Whole Cost of Any Necessary Spectacles?

Employers are obligated to pay for any required goggles for factory workers. These goggles, however, do not have to be more than a basic pair. However, an employer on enrolling in this scheme may decide to provide spectacles for computer as well as for regular use. At De-Lens Ophthalmics, we can provide such a pair for N10, 500 in single vision form, N13, 500 in Bifocal form or N18, 500 in progressive form. These prices are inclusive of both the frame and lenses.

What If the Staff Want to Choose Something Else?

Employees are free to upgrade to more expensive frame and lens options and pay any difference in costs themselves. We stock a huge range of the latest designer frames and supply lenses from leading name brands such as Essilor. Our frames and sunglasses collection is acknowledged to be one of the largest and best in Abuja, indeed outside of Lagos.

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