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Good Vision, Good Grades

One of the major challenges faced by every school is ensuring academic excellence. Interestingly, a school that promotes vision wellness can/does expect brilliant performance from their pupils and from staff higher productive and job satisfaction at all times. This is because, according to Nigerian Optometric Association (NOA), 90 per cent human activities and 80 per cent learning abilities are all vision centered.

When a child has poor vision, his ability to read, participate in sports and learn gets greatly hindered. His self-confidence diminishes and his capability to succeed in school becomes drastically reduced. A child who cannot see clearly is a child who cannot learn at his or her full potential.

Good Vision, Good Grades Scheme

This scheme is a unique and affordable program instituted for large institutions. It is tailored towards providing pupils and students with a valuable voluntary eyecare benefit at highly reduced cost. The scheme offers substantial savings on eye examinations, glasses, and management of eye infections at little or no cost to your institution.

The scheme is an agreement between the school administration and our clinic (and to some extent the parents) to provide “free” and prompt attention to the Childs’ visual needs. This mandates us to periodically organize vision screening and/or comprehensive eye test for the pupils/students, and promptly give treatment and advice where necessary; as funded by the common purse of the parents.

With this program, pupils with ocular/visual needs are detected and managed immediately without physical cash payment. The scheme is targeted at those schools that want to improve and sustain academic excellence and performance, safeguard productivity, reduce errors, care for their pupils and at the same time provide some benefits to parents.

How The Scheme Works

The scheme is designed to be simple for both Schools and students. A general purse is instituted and maintained by annual contribution of N10,000 per child into the eye care scheme. In the event of any vision problem the child is treated immediately and “free of charge”. The service being paid by the scheme. That means throughout the whole year, the ‘eye needs’ of the child is taken care of with just N10, 000. With just N10, 000: the following services are provided: Vision Assessment; Vision Screening; Comprehensive eye examinations; Provision of spectacles; Management of eye defects; Training of teachers on how to detect children with vision problems; and Counseling about children’s eyes and other health related issues.