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Ocular Diagnostics

Treatment of Eye Diseases

At De-lens Ophthalmics, patients with ocular disease or at risk of developing ocular disease are examined and treated. Referrals for examination and/or treatment are accepted from Optometrists, hospitals, as well as from other physicians and healthcare workers. Such referrals may specify the examinations required. De-Lens then works closely with these practitioners to ensure that the latest diagnostic information is available to them, which will lead to improvements in the management of a person’s eye health. Patients may present without referral though usually past information on their care is requested. Emergency services are also provided.

Conditions monitored include:

1. Glaucoma and other optic nerve diseases

2. Diseases and disorders of the retina and vitreous (e.g. age-related macular degeneration, diabetic-related eye disease, peripheral retinal findings, etc.)

3. Ocular surface disease (e.g. dry eye, lid abnormalities, and facial nerve palsy)

4. Lid and other anterior segment diseases

5. Ocular manifestations of systemic diseases and their therapies.