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Eyeware & Optical

Why Optical Services

Glasses to some people are solely functional. For others they are taken as fashion accessory. Whatever your outlook, our experienced staff we’ll help you find the perfect pair that suits you.

The Optical Services area of De-Lens Ophthalmics is open to our patients and other eye care practitioners who would like their lenses fitted to prescription. Optical services include new frame selections, filling of prescriptions for new eye-wear, adjustments and repairs to current spectacles, dispensing of sunglasses, sports vision appliances such as swim goggles and racquet ball glasses, and non-prescription sunglasses. The dispensary has a wide selection of frames and the staff of the area continually updates our clients on the lenses available so as to be on the leading edge of ophthalmic technology.

Great Vision & Perfect Look

Our experienced and friendly staff will give you candid advice on what suits you and assist you find a frame that you actually love. You we’ll be informed about all the latest and in vogue lenses and help you select the best option for you.

Apart from making sure you get the best clinical touch to your complaints, we place great emphasis on the look, feel and quality of your spectacles.

We can thin your required lenses and make them lighter and more cosmetically attractive.

Our qualified dispensing opticians will with great level of dexterity measure and fit your spectacles to ensure they’re comfortable. We’ll ensure your spectacles are fitted as fast as possible and that they meet our high quality and standard.

Because of our attention to detail, professional service and a great range of services and products, many people recommend us to their friends, family and organisations.


Whether for fashion or function, we have the sunglasses for you. We have in stock over 200 models and 30 brands you can choose from. Even where your choice is not in stock, we’ll ensure you get it within few days of order.

  • Protection: All our sunglasses give 100% UV protection, including those with very light coloured lenses.
  • Comfort: Most sunglasses usually come only in one size. If they feel tight or loose our dispensing staff are able to adjust them to fit comfortably.