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Comprehensive Eye Tests

Eye Tests For the Whole Family

At De-Lens we place a high emphasis on clinical investigation of your eyes and offer a range of different types of examinations ranging from a generalised standard eye test through to specialised ones, which focus on specific conditions.

We invest continuously in the newest technology such as Auto-Perimeter APS-6000 CERT (Touch Screen), Pachymeter SW-1000P, Slit Lamp with Camera S-390L, digital Intellipuff Tonometer, Top Vision Pro Analyzer to provide the most up-to-date screening, investigative techniques and management.

Our optometrists are very experienced and keep up with the latest theories and scientific research. Some of them undertake sessional work in Hospital Eye Departments and they have broad experience in managing both common and non-common ocular conditions.

The following services are provided:

Comprehensive Adult and Child Care
  1. Full oculo-visual assessments
  2. Assessment for and prescription of spectacles
  3. Ocular health assessments
  4. Binocular vision assessments
  5. Color vision assessments
  6. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  7. of ocular conditions with prescriptions for medications
Urgent Care
  1. Established and new patients
  2. Red eyes
  3. Sudden vision loss
  4. Ocular discomfort
  5. Sudden onset of floaters
  6. Foreign bodies
  7. Treatment of ocular conditions with prescriptions for medications
Visual Display Examination (computers & other screens)

The examination is a comprehensive full Eye Examination and not just a quick VDU vision test:

  1. It checks all aspects of ocular health and function, screening for glaucoma and other abnormalities such as diabetic eye disease and dry eye disease
  2. It investigates all visual complaints both VDU and non-VDU related.
  3. It utilizes specially designed software based tests, produced by Top Vision Professional and Rodenstock to investigate common problem areas.
  4. It incorporates Optimized VDU Prescribing. This is the calculation of the specific prescription required for each individuals work station set up, to ensure the best display screen comfort and clarity.
Additional/Optional Test

As well as checking for focusing defects, we investigate other common problems associated with computer use, such as Dry Eyes. Initial screening for these conditions is done as part of every examination. Employees can also elect to pay separately for more extensive investigation for specific more complex problems or for advanced screening.

Dry Eye Analysis

One of the most common complaints of VDU users are that of ‘dry feeling’, sore eyes. Contact lens wearers especially suffer from this problem and we can give advice on ways of improving comfort. Our Optometrists keep abreast of the latest research in this area including new contact lens material technology, specifically designed to counteract dehydration.

Visual Examination

Visual examination is one of the advanced techniques used to screen for eye diseases and neurological defects. A permanent record is created of all the visual field, which is used to compare against at future examinations. Visual field examination allows for the detection of subtle visual loss and neurological changes, which can lead to much earlier disease detection and management.

Night & Colour Vision Tests

Because people now in their 40’s and older will likely maintain active lifestyles during the next few decades, a record number of senior drivers will be on highways in the years ahead. At De-Lens, in order to maintain clear, comfortable and glare free vision, we offer such persons routine FREE night and color vision test. We go further to ameliorate any discomfort arising from glare

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Examinations are performed by registered Optometrists.

Allow 1.5 to 2 hours for a full oculo-visual assessment

Pupillary dilation with drops is normally performed on first examinations and then periodically thereafter depending on the needs of the individual patient

Dilation will make you light sensitive, so bring sunglasses if you have them
Dilation may make your vision blurred, so bring a substitute driver if you are concerned

Consultant optometrists will enter the examination room and may repeat testing as deemed necessary

Prescriptions for spectacles and medications will be issued by the registered optometrist

A full service optical dispensary is available on-site to fill your spectacle prescription (see Optical Services)

Helpful Suggestions

  1. Bring all of the spectacles that you wear to the appointment
  2. Bring a complete list of your medications
  3. If you do not feel comfortable speaking English please bring an interpreter with you