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Corporate Eyecare

We offer a package to employers that allow their employees to:

  • Have their eyes examined at preferential rates
  • Purchase spectacles for visual display unit (VDU) and general usage, if required, at a discount
  • Receive comprehensive eyecare service at reduced cost

The scheme is targeted at those employers who want to safeguard productivity and at the same time provide some benefits to their employees to improve their health and wellness.

How It Works

The scheme is designed to be simple for both employers and employees. The employer can assess the service through authorization forms. Employers just need to follow the following steps below:

1. Call at our clinic to set up the Scheme (Please call us for a Service Contract).

2. Make eye examination appointments for your staff.

Once we have confirmed receipt of your service contract, appointments can be booked for employees.

  • Your staff may call us directly themselves, or you may elect to make bookings on their behalf.
  • Give each employee attending a signed authorization form to bring with them to the examination. (Authorization forms/voucher will be supplied by us to you).

After The Examination

We will give you and the employee a post examination report detailing the findings and clarifying whether spectacles are required specifically for VDU, general use or not.

The post examination report will specify whether single vision or multifocal spectacles are required or if your employee needs another form of treatment for his or her eye/vision challenges.

With authorization forms we will send you an itemized invoice at the end of each month for all the employees who have attended in that period for verification with copies of authorisation forms issued to you.

Payment can then be made to De-Lens Ophthalmics Ltd through a bank draft, cheque or E-payment system. Payment made through this option attracts a monthly surcharge of 20% if not paid within one month of presentation of bill.

Employers Benefits

*No set-up cost

*Cost Control: Employers are able to pay on behalf of those personnel who require them discounted standard prescription lenses*Costs saving: The eye examination fee is given at a discounted rate*Minimal administration: One single monthly invoice.*Ease: The scheme is easy to implement and to explain to employees.*Awareness of your employees’ visual status : A full report following the examination is sent to the employer, which clearly states whether corrective glasses are required specifically for VDU or for general use*Discounts: Privilege 10% discountsIncreased employee satisfaction.

Employee Benefits

  • Full ocular screening as standard in all examinations to check the health of the eyes.
  • Targeted tests to investigate both computer and non computer related problems.
  • *Holistic advice and explanation on achieving optimal visual comfort.
  • A stylish range of VDU spectacles to choose from.
  • The flexibility to upgrade from the set price range.
  • Discount on upgrades and future purchases for you and nominated friends or family.