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Do you know?

It is estimated that about 26.3 million people in the Africa have a type of oculo-visual problem, and of these about 5.9 million are blind? About 15.3% of the world’s blind populations are Africans? However, 80% of blindness is preventable and even curable especially when adequate care is given to the eyes ( This just states how important the eyes are and for the reason, eye care providers including optometrists worldwide are educating and enlightening the world on healthy practices that help to preserve our sight!

October 14th 2021 has been globally declared “World Sight Day” with the theme “Love Your Eyes”.

So, how much love have you shown your dear organs of sight this year? Below are a few cravings your eyes want you to give them:

  1. Your eyes are hungry for nutrients! Give your eyes the nutrients they deserve! This is the most common statement your optometrist will reiterate to you and it is absolutely one sure ticket to happy loved eyes. Fruits and leafy green vegetables are very rich in antioxidants that the eyes need for proper nutrition. Have carrots a lot to supply adequate vitamin A and lutein which are also essential nutrients for eye health; also include leafy green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, kidney beans as well. You can never go wrong with these!
  2. Your eyes are crying for rest! With the increasing exposure of eyes to digital devices almost throughout the day, every day, our eyes can get all “burnt out” from so much exposure. However, since we cannot stop our activities involving computers, practice the 20-20-20- rule. For every 20minutes you spend on the screens, look 20ft away from the screen for 20 seconds. The helps the eyes to relax, re-lubricate and re-focus before you continue your work. Oh how your eyes will thank you!
  3. Your eyes dearly want to be protected! Stop exposing your eyes to the harsh UV rays by walking around without protective glasses on. UV protection eyewear help protect your eyes from these rays and from harmful rays of light from your computer screens to reduce the chances of developing macular degeneration, and provide you clear, comfortable vision all day long.
  4. Your eyes really do not want to get sick too! Do you know that when your body is sick, your eyes get sick too? Take proper care of your health. Maintain optimum health. Manage your blood pressures well. Take balanced diet and decrease refined sugar intake. Exercise regularly. Visit your general physician promptly and be in tip top shape every time, every day!
  5. Your eyes crave the “care lights”: Get regular eye checks with your optometrists. At the eye clinic, the optometrist will take time to examine the eyes with use of adequate lighting systems that will enable detection of any oculo-visual problems and treat them promptly. Remember, early detection of diseases is key in maintaining healthy eyes too.

If you need any eyecare clarification or feel you and your family are due for an appointment with an optometrist,. You can call 08108406080 to place a booking.

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