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You know that strange growth in front of the eye that becomes a cause for concern?

Let’s learn about it!



In most individuals, there is a small yellowish growth called a pingueculum, that is seen on the white part of the eye called the sclera, just close to the cornea(the black part the eye), in the open space between the eyelids. This area is usually exposed to the sunlight.

Most times, people with pinguelae may not have any symptoms, but once irritated, a pingueculum can cause a feeling of a foreign body/sand in the eye or even worse become inflamed. This inflammation is termed pingeculitis. Pingueculitis will usually occur due to exposure to sun, dust, severe dry conditions or wind.



Depending on the severity of the growth and the symptoms the individual presents with, the treatment of pingueculitis can vary from simple sun protection with sunglasses, use of lubricating eyedrops in mild cases to use of steroidal or non-steroidal eye drops in significantly inflamed cases or surgical excision where it begins to interfere with vision or normal blinking.

Another form of this growth in the eye called pterygium can also result from pingueculum.



pterygium 768×432


A pingueculum is usually a harmless growth on the eye of most people living in hot climates like ours in Nigeria and should not pose a cause for panic. However, it is important that with such growth, staying away from windy, dusty places, and using sunglasses while under the sun should be habitual practices to curb the onset of inflammation.

Ultimately, an eye check with your optometrist is necessary to make proper diagnosis and management too.