The Vision Therapy Service at De-Lens Ophthalmics specializes in curriculum of activities and exercises used to improve the quality and efficiency of vision. Vision therapy will help your child’s eyes work as a team, and more efficiently, so that they can perform daily tasks, like reading and writing more easily. Vision therapy improves fixation, saccades and pursuits; problems relating to eye teaming abilities; and problems with focusing system of the eye.

What to expect:

Vision therapy includes both in-office and home-based exercises. Therapy is normally done once a week, in office, for 45 minutes per session.  Length of time for the therapy varies by case but is estimated to be 16-35 weeks.  In certain cases, as determined by your doctor in consultation with the therapy staff, more sessions may be recommended. At each in-office session, your child will receive instructions and materials for exercises that should be practiced at home for 20 to 30 minutes per day, at least four days a week.