De-Lens Ophthalmics Contact Lens Clinic offers appointments for contact lens checkups, new fittings and preliminary consultations to assess the suitability of contact lenses for daily or extended wear.

The clinic also offers specialty contact lens fitting for patients of all ages, requiring contact lenses for aphakia, opaque tinted lenses to cover an eye, astigmatism and presbyopia.

The numbers of people that choose contact lenses keep on increasing daily. Whether for full time wear or just for sports, gym or going out in the evening, there are now lenses to suit almost everybody.

We’ll have a discussion with you on lens type/suitability and then show you how to fit them. Further we’ll let you try fitting them a few times so you gain confidence to put them in every time you need to.

For convenience and easy to understand, we have split our contact lens options into two groups which applies to different lens types: The Reusables and Daily disposables

1. Reusables are lenses you put on for more than one day – you need to take them out at night and clean them, before using them again the next day.

2. Daily disposables are lenses you put on for just one day before throwing them away at night. No need for solutions or cleaning them, you just get a clean and fresh lens every day.

We Have Various Types & Brands

Choose from: daily, two-weekly or monthly disposables; all day-all night lenses you can even sleep in; varifocal monthly disposables; toric daily or monthly disposable lenses, which are suitable for astigmatism; and even coloured lenses which can change your appearance


Types of contact lenses

    Lens Type            Characteristics             Benefits               
Monthly soft High-quality oxygen lens Superior monthly option
Good vision
Improved comfort
Daily soft Ideal for full time and  occasional wear

Discard at the end of the day

Convenient, hassle free and requires no cleaning

More hygienic

Continuous Novel ground-breaking material

Tremendous high oxygen lens

Suitable and convenient

Continuous wear up to 30 days

Provides clear vision at all times

Gas permeable Good vision

Brilliant long term ocular response to lens wear

Oxygen permeable with various designs

Made from contemporary materials

Partially rigid lenses

Toric Also available in soft monthly lenses

Suitable for people with astigmatism

Provides good vision